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Online renewal will begin on November 1 and will continue until midnight on December 31. There is no grace period on renewal payments for mortgage loan originators. The reinstatement period for licensees who miss the deadline begins on January 1 and goes through February 28. All renewals and reinstatements must be performed using our online e-services site and the NMLS Registry. The Division recommends completing the renewal process as soon as possible to avoid last minute issues which may prevent your renewal.


Step 1: Pre-Renewal Compliance Items

(you will be asked to attest to compliance with these items during your Colorado license renewal process)

  • Continuing Education: All mortgage loan originators must complete a minimum of ten (10) hours of continuing education every year beginning in 2013. Eight (8) hours of continuing education is required to be taken through the NMLS and two (2) additional hours are required by the State. The State requirement may only be fulfilled by taking the Colorado 2 Hour Annual Update Course.
    *Note: Licensees who passed the SAFE test in 2013 are exempt from the continuing education requirement for 2013.
  • Surety Bond/E&O: Make sure your Surety Bond and E&O insurance has been properly renewed and that the information contained within your Colorado license record is up to date and accurate.

  • Contact Information: Make sure that all of the information in your Colorado license record is up to date and accurate. You will have the opportunity to update residential address information and email address information during the renewal, but company name and company address information should be updated prior to renewing your Colorado license record.


Step 2: Renew Your NMLS Registration(s)

  • Go to the NMLS Resource Center page and select the button on the right hand side of the page labeled "Annual Renewal".

  • Select the "State Licensing" button on the left of the next page.

  • Review the Renewal Handbook for Individuals and the Renewal Handbook for Companies.

  • Once you have reviewed the material in the handbooks, beginning November 1, you can log in to your NMLS account and click on the "Renewal Tab" to request registration renewal.

  • Having difficulty with your NMLS renewal process? Visit the Streamlined Annual Renewals page on the NMLS website for renewal quick guides.


Step 3: Colorado Individual License Renewal - Log Into Your Account

  • Go to the Online License Management page by clicking here.

  • Select the "Account Login" radio button from the first page and click the "Continue" button.

  • Under "Returning Customers", enter your login information and select the "Logon" button.

  • If you have forgotten your password, you may select "Forgot your password?" to retrieve your password information.

  • Once you have accessed your account, you will see a button labeled "Renewal". Select this button to begin the renewal process.

    Note: Your name and social security must match what is in our database. If you have more than one license issued by the Division of Real Estate, you will use the same password to access the Online Services for all of your licenses.


Step 4: Verify your Information

  • Click on the "View/Edit Details" button to view your license information. If you see any data in there that is incorrect, select the appropriate update button to correct that information before you proceed with the renewal process.

  • Once you've confirmed that your data is correct, Click on the "Back" button to return to the licensee welcome page. Once there, you may select the "Renew License" button in the center of the page to begin the renewal process.

  • Please note that if you have multiple licenses, you will need to Renew each one of them individually.


Step 5: License Renewal

  • You will be presented with several screens. The first screen will provide instructions on the requirements for renewal (CE, E&O, Surety Bond and contact information compliance) and ask that you be sure to have updated your information in our systems and NMLS prior to proceeding with the renewal process.

  • The next screen will request your driver's license information and several attestations. Please read this information carefully before proceeding! You must check all attestation boxes before you are allowed to proceed. Once you have made the appropriate selections, the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page will be activated and you will be allowed to continue with the renewal process.

  • The next screen will present you with your home and email address information. Confirm the information is correct and select "Continue Renewal Process".


Step 6: Pay Your Renewal Fee

  • Enter all credit card information requested on the form.

  • For security purposes, your credit card information is encrypted and sent directly to your financial institution for processing. None of this information is retained by the Department of Regulatory Agencies, the Colorado Division of Real Estate, or our vendor PSI.

  • After approval, your credit card will be charged the renewal fee shown at the top of this page. All fees are non-refundable.


Step 7: Save Your Renewal Confirmation Number

  • Print the Renewal Confirmation Page and the email confirmation if you would like a receipt. The Division of Real Estate will not provide any additional payment confirmation.

  • A new license will be mailed to the designated address on file with the Division. You should receive your new license within 10 business days of renewal.

Instructions for Reinstating an Expired License (January 1st through February 28th)

  1. If you fail to renew your license and registration prior to December 31, 2013, your license will expire. You may opt to reinstate your license at that time. You may not originate loans in Colorado with an expired license.

  2. Follow the instructions above. Reinstatement is available from January 1st through February 28th of each year (February 29th on a leap year). The fee for the Colorado reinstatement will be one and a half times the renewal fee (e.g. if the renewal fee is $50 dollars, the reinstatement fee will be $75 dollars).

  3. If you fail to reinstate your license and/or registration on or before the last day of February, you will be required to re-apply for that license. Contact both NMLS and the Colorado Division of Real Estate for details on the reapplication process.


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