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Applicants for appraiser licensure or certification must submit an experience log or work record of all appraisal work assignments. The applicant must have made a substantial contribution to the appraisal and arrived at a conclusion of value in any appraisal claimed as evidence of meeting experience requirements.

An appraiser who substantially contributes to an appraisal must be specifically acknowledged. If an assisting appraiser does not sign an appraisal report, the specific contributions of the assisting appraiser must be acknowledged in the certification. If specific contributions are not acknowledged or the assisting appraiser does not sign the appraisal report, the appraiser may not use the appraisal report as evidence of appraisal experience.

These work records need to include the following information:

  • Type of property;

  • Date of report;

  • Address of appraised property;

  • Description of work performed by the trainee/applicant and scope of the review and supervision of the supervising appraiser;

  • Number of actual work hours by the trainee/applicant on the assignment; and

  • The signature and state certification number of the supervising appraiser if applicable. Separate appraisal logs shall be maintained for each supervising appraiser if applicable.


Appraisal Log Form and Instructions pdf file

AQB Guide Note 6 pdf file

It is the appraiser's responsibility to keep track of the actual hours spent on each appraisal. Estimations of the total number of hours are not appropriate to verify experience. There is no "set" number of hours that is accepted per appraisal, as appraisal assignments usually vary in the number of hours it takes to complete. It is suggested that the appraiser enter the number of hours on to the log on a per appraisal basis



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