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Initial Licensing Info


For information about the Psychological Services Inc. (PSI) real estate appraiser examination program, application processes or to make an exam reservation with PSI please visit the PSI website, or call PSI's Candidate Care Center at 1-(800) 733-9267. 


Reciprocity with other states

Colorado may accept a person licensed or certified in another state at the equivalent Colorado level if the other states requirements are consistent with those set by the Appraiser Qualifications Board. Colorado does not accept temporary, trainee, apprentice, or transitional licenses for reciprocity at any level. Reciprocity applicants must complete an application for reciprocity, pay the fees and submit a current license history letter or certificate of good standing from the other state.

Application for Licensure or Certification via Reciprocity pdf file


Licensing of Out-Of-State Review Appraisers

The Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers does not require a review appraiser who conducts a "desk review" while in another state to be licensed in Colorado. Such a reviewer should be licensed by and subject to regulation by the state where they are located when they conduct the review. The Colorado Board has serious concerns about the geographic competency and ability to access relevant data of the appraiser who prepares a "desk review" of property in a distant market. In Colorado's view, if any part of the review process is conducted in Colorado, including property inspections, data research, photography, etc., licensure or a temporary permit is required.


Temporary Practice Permits

An appraiser licensed or certified in another state may be granted a Temporary Practice Permit which recognizes the license from the other state for practice in Colorado on a short term basis. Temporary Practice Permits are available for any engagement. The Permit is valid only for the appraisal of the specific properties listed on the Temporary Practice Permit.

Temporary Practice Permit Application


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