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Errors and Omissions Insurance

Every active real estate licensee, including licensed real estate companies, shall have in effect a policy of errors and omissions insurance to cover all acts requiring a license.

RISC Enrollment form and Info

RISC Q&A on Colorado E&O Coverage

RISC E&O Insurance Risk Reduction White Papers*

RISC Importance of Timely Renewal and Continuous Coverage

RISC Reasons to Consider an Extended Reporting Period When Moving Firms

RISC Reasons to Consider an Extended Reporting Period When Retiring or Inactivating License

Independent Coverage Certification Form pdf file

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Suddenly Inactive?

If you suddenly noticed that you are showing as inactive, verify that you have a current E&O policy (and your company). If you had a break in time with no coverage, you need to apply for re-activation with the proper application and fee.


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