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Initial Licensing Information

Step 1: Education Requirement

  • Determining Education Requirements: To determine the education and examination requirements for a new Colorado broker's license, download and review the information within the license qualifications grid. This grid will help you determine your initial licensure educational requirements.
  • Choosing a School: In order to assist candidates in school selection, the Division posts exam pass rate statistics once each quarter. These statistics are based on the first time pass rates of the Colorado Broker's Exam by school, and are meant to assist new license candidates in their school selection.
  • Proof of Completion: Education certificates are furnished by the real estate schools upon completion of the course requirements. Official transcripts are required for applicants who qualify based on a degree with a major course of study in real estate from an accredited college or university. If you are taking advantage of Colorado's limited recognition agreements, you must include a certified license history from each jurisdiction that you hold a license in. This form must be included in your license application packet.

Step 2: Examination

  • Scheduling Your Exam: Once you have completed the required education requirement (if applicable), it is time to schedule your exam. The current exam vendor for the Colorado Division of Real Estate is PSI. To make an exam reservation, please visit PSI's website or call PSI's Candidate Care Center at (800) 733-9267. Commission rules require that only qualified applicants may sit for the exam, and you will be required to sign an affidavit of exam eligibility at the exam site.
  • Exam Score Expiration Criteria: Please note that you must submit your new license application within one year of the successful completion of your examination requirement. Your application must be received by the Division of Real Estate prior to the one year anniversary of the successful completion of each portion of your exam.

Step 3: Background Check

  • Submitting Your Fingerprints: Colorado requires a CBI/FBI fingerprint background check for all applicants. Instructions on how to obtain and submit your fingerprints and the background record challenge process are located in this document.
  • Challenging Your Record: Applicants with arrest records may wish to review the broker's application and, if applicable fill out the Colorado Real Estate Broker's License Application Addendum. The addendum is not required for DUIs or other traffic misdemeanors.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Criminal convictions and/or license actions in other jurisdictions will likely cause a considerable delay in processing times.

Step 4: Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

  • Obtaining E&O Insurance: You must have E&O insurance in place on your license before it will be issued on active status. Detailed instructions on obtaining E&O insurance can be accessed here. Please note that applicants requesting an inactive license status on issue do not need to obtain E&O insurance.
  • Independent Coverage: If you have independent coverage, your insurance company must certify coverage to the commission on the E&O Certificate of Independent Coverage Form

Step 5: Complete the application form

For added convenience, the following documents have been compiled to assist in the successful completion and submission of your license application. You may download them individually or in a PDF packet (last link in the list).

You may submit the Colorado Real Estate Broker's Application form to the Colorado Division of Real Estate (address located at the top of the broker's application). Please include a check or money order with the correct fee amount, made out to "CREC".


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