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The HOA Information Office strives to assist homeowners and other consumers in answering general HOA questions; assist homeowners in navigating issues with their HOAs; and compiling data on issues homeowners are having. The HOA Information Office does not have regulatory or investigative authority and cannot intervene in disputes.

The HOA Information Office CAN:

  • Provide resource information and HOA related laws to homeowners which relate to their specific situations;
  • Discuss with homeowners and consumers possible ways to address problems;
  • Provide referrals to other governmental entities and resources that may be able to address their issues;
  • Compile information on complaints for use in annual reporting and statistical data gathering;
  • Provide information regarding HOA related legislative initiatives.

The HOA Information Office CANNOT:

  • Provide legal advice, including interpreting governing documents or laws;
  • Intervene in disputes with HOA boards or managers;
  • Investigate or otherwise discipline HOA boards or managers for violations of law;
  • Attend board or committee meetings;
  • Provide information regarding whether a complaint has been filed against a specific HOA;
  • Provide assistance or information regarding foreclosure proceedings
  • Assist with assessment billing issues between homeowners, boards and management companies

Complaints must be submitted via the HOA Complaint Form. Please limit complaints to two pages and provide only relevant attachments and information.

HOA Complaint Form pdf file


Please visit our Consumer Information page and Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


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