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Homeowners Associations

The HOA Information Office and Resource Center provides information on the rights and duties of homeowners and associations under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.

Search for Registered HOAs

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Learn about the Colorado HOA Information and Resource Center and meet the HOA Information Officer. The HOA Information Officer will be available to listen to your issues and concerns regarding HOAs, provide you with some resource materials, and assist with understanding one's rights and obligations of living in a HOA community.

This program is open to everyone. While the event free, registration is required. Space available on a first come, first served basis. Click here to email your name and contact information to reserve your seat. When emailing please specify which forum you wish to attend.

HOA Manager Licensing Bill

HB13-1277 (New HOA Manager Licensing Bill): Community association mangers, management companies CEOs, and executives of management companies who directly supervise managers will be required to be licensed in Colorado, starting July 1, 2015.

The Division of Real Estate will perform rule-making in order to implement this bill early in 2014, and at that time education and testing requirements will be established, as well as identifying any other credential that will be designated by the Division of real Estate in order to procure a license.

Important to note that there is not an exemption for real estate brokers and property managers for having to procure a separate community association manager license and fulfilling the educational and testing requirements pursuant to this bill.


Annual Registration

In addition to the annual Secretary of State Registration, HOAs are required to register with the Colorado Division of Real Estate once per year. HOAs that fail to register, renew registration, or pay the required fee may be precluded from imposing or enforcing a lien for assessments.

Click here to register an HOA online.

Having troubles registering your HOA? Click Here.


Notice of Change for HOA Registrations

As of August 7, 2013, there are statutory changes to the registration requirements of HOAs. Click here to see the new requirements for HOA Registration from HB13-1134.


Annual Reports

Find all annual reports and other useful informational documents on the HOA Consumer Information Page.  Below find the most recently published reports of the HOA Information Office and Resource Center.

Most Recent Reports:



The HOA Information Office strives to assist homeowners and other consumers in answering general HOA questions and compiling data on issues homeowners are having. The HOA Information Office does not have regulatory or investigative authority and cannot intervene in disputes.

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