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Appraiser Information

Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course


What: Division of Real Estate Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course
When: Thursday, June 12, 2014
Class Time - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Where: 9590 West 14th Avenue, Lakewood, Colorado 80215
Lower Level
How to
Limited to 30 Participants
Send and e-mail to Lee Ormiston at ldo@cpeducation.net to Register

Course Outline

The Division of Real Estate originally designed and presented an 8-hour Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course. Since the original course, the Division of Real Estate developed a 2-hour version of the course for approved instructors or providers to facilitate the course. The general 2-hour course outline prepared by the Division of Real Estate covers required content while allowing providers to tailor and adapt the course as needed.

2 Hour Course Outline pdf file

Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course Book pdf file

2014 Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course pdf file

Interested Instructors/Providers in facilitating the 2-Hour Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course:

The Conservation Easement Appraiser Update Course must include each topic listed in the course outline unless there have been changes within 2 years of the course approval date. If, for example, the Board of Real Estate Appraisers (Board) has not changed or enacted a new rule affecting conservation easement appraisals within the past 2 years, discussion of Board rules does not need to be covered during the course.

Each course offering must be approved by the Board for at least 2 hours of continuing education to satisfy Board Rule 16.4. A detailed outline must be included with the application for continuing education approval. Instructors/providers are responsible for submitting the course for continuing education approval.


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