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Tax Credit Certificate

Summary of Tax Credit Cap

Aggregate Amount on the total dollar amount of tax credits available for a given year

* Last updated on March 20, 2014


Year Issued Available Balance
2011 $22,000,000 $0
2012 $22,000,000 $0



2014 $730,000 $44,270,000

The table provides general information per calendar year on the total dollar amount of tax credit certificates issued and the tax credit cap. Please note that the above table is only updated every two weeks. Therefore, a landowner should not utilize the above table when deciding to donate a conservation easement. Please contact the Division of Real Estate for the current status.

Issuance Dates of Tax Credit Certificates

Click on the link below for a listing of the date that individual tax credit certificates were issued by the Division of Real Estate. Please note this listing is only periodically updated.

Tax Credit Certificate Issuance Date pdf file

Tax Credit Certificate Application

Please complete the tax credit certificate application thoroughly because any errors or omissions will cause a delay in the processing of the tax credit certificate claim. Depending on the status of the tax credit cap, the delay may result in a certificate with an effective date for a future tax year or a tax credit certificate not being issued.

Before completing the application, please refer to the tax credit certificate application guidance document and Rule C-1 regarding the submission of a claim for a tax credit certificate.

Notify the Division of Real Estate immediately if there are changes to either the information reported on the tax credit certificate application or the required documentation.

The tax credit cannot be claimed with the Department of Revenue prior to the tax year indicated on the certificate.


Tax Credit Certificate Application Guidance pdf file

2011-2013 Tax Credit Certificate Application pdf file

Rule C-1: Rules Regarding Submission of a Claim for a Tax Credit Certificate



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