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About the Colorado Civil Rights Commission

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission is a seven-member bipartisan panel whose mission is to:

  • conduct hearings on the character, causes and extent of illegal discriminatory practices throughout the state;
  • advise the Governor and General Assembly regarding policies and legislation that address illegal discrimination;
  • review appeals of cases investigated and dismissed by the Division; and,
  • adopt and amend rules and regulations to be followed in the enforcement of the state's statutes prohibiting discrimination.

The Commission meets to formulate policy and to hear appeals in discrimination cases. Unless otherwise announced, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission Public Meeting is held on the fourth Friday of the month at 1560 Broadway, lobby level conference room, 110-D, beginning at 10:00 a.m.    View Upcoming Colorado Civil Rights Commission Meetings by Clicking Here.   The dates of the scheduled upcoming Colorado Civil Rights Commission Meetings are shown when you click the preceding line; when the Agenda is published for the date of the Commission Meeting you wish to attend, it  will be printed on the "Calendar" found on the Homepage of this website (left side of page) on the date of that meeting -- the location and time will also be printed on that page. 


Colorado Civil Rights Commissioners

Civil Rights Commission
Term Expires
Marvin Adams, Rep. State or Local Government Entities, Colorado Springs 
Anthony R. Aragon, Rep. State or Local Government Entities, Denver
Carol Fabrizio,  Rep. Community at Large, Denver
Heidi J. Hess, Rep. Small Business, Clifton
Rita Renae Lewis, J.D., Rep. Business Community, Denver
Diann Rice, Rep. Community at Large, Loveland
Dulce Saenz, Rep. Community at Large, Denver

The Commissioners are citizens of Colorado who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate to serve four-year, voluntary terms. They are selected from across the state to represent both political parties. Two represent business (one of whom represents small business), two represent government, and three represent the community at-large. At least four of the members are members of groups of people who have been or who might be discriminated against because of disability, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, religion or age. Matters concerning current investigations or appeals before the Commission are confidential and can only be discussed with the parties in the case or the parties' representatives.

Matters concerning current investigations or appeals that have not come before the Commission cannot be discussed without the presence and consent of either party or their representatives. Confidentiality laws also preclude the revelation of information concerning investigations with the Division/Commission.



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