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Miscellaneous Applications

The following instructions and forms have been prepared by the Division of Banking and adopted by the Colorado State Banking Board in an effort to assist the applicant in the execution of the documents necessary to complete a filing and may be accessed by clicking on the item's title.

Branch Banking Facility
Notice of Intent to Establish a Branch Banking Facility
Change of Location

Certification of Interstate Branching into Colorado

Change of Control

Conversion - National to State Charter
Certificate of Completed Conversion

Bank Merger
Commercial Bank - Exercise Trust Powers (with instructions)
Interagency Bank Merger Application
Interagency Biographical and Financial Report
Loan Production Office
(with instructions)
Special Lending Authority
Tax Lien Sale Certificates of Purchase (with instructions)
Trust Office or Representative Trust Office - Notice of Intent (with instructions)
Use of the words "Bank," "Trust," or "Trust Company" (with instructions)
Verified Statement of No Change




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